Student Visa Student Visa

Student Visa

Student Visa: 

Student Visa is applied for studying regular courses, Yoga course, Research and Internship in India. It is not issued for short term courses (6 months/ 12 months).


  1. Hard copy of application form after uploading on the Indian visa website.
  2. Two recent passport size photographs.
  3. Passport(New and old) with photocopy including all pages with entries/visa granted with photocopy.
  4. Copies of Shenasnameh and National Identity Card with English translation.
  5. Firm proof of admission in the form of Bonafide certificate from a recognized university / educational institution in India.
  6. Research Clearance Application, Synopsis of Research Proposal, Guide consent letter to supervise the scholar, Documents of Bachelors and Masters degree in case of Research.
  7. A letter of approval or No Objection Certificate from Ministry of Health, Govt. of India (GOI) in case of admission to medical or para-medical courses. This letter of approval can be obtained from the college/institute where admission has been confirmed.
  8. Qualification in NEET for applying for MBBS/ BDS courses.
  9. Satisfactory evidence of financial support.
  10. Currency exchange vouchers for US $ 2000/-.
  11. Educational Certificates.